Father's Day Speech

For Father's Day, Barry took on the issue of Black fathers not being there for their children. While I think this is an admirable topic, the need to mention the "Black" part of the problem is to me a problem in its self. With the divorce rate at or near 50% all fathers need to be encouraged to be a part of the lives of their children. Don't take shots at the color of their skin, but the strength of their character. I vacillate between wanting leadership that points out the good things and sets lofty goals and wanting to point out failures. I know that one on one, the word leadership means getting out there and doing well and helping others do the same.
I personally do not believe in beating dead horses or shooting issues in a barrel.

Besides, there are issues out there that needs all of our attention. We need to help clean up our own economy, strengthen out borders, cut consumption and develop some alternative ways to get around. I will vote for the person that takes on some of these tough issues come election day. If I want someone to beat up the absent black fathers, I will rely on Bill Cosby. I in spite of what Al Sharpton says will not resort to calling these slackers the victims, that we should not beat up on.

Have a great day out there, ya' hear.



  1. Oh man, did you watch that speech? Oh man, do you realize that what he did is illegal? And dang, I knew most of those things when I was not even three years old.

    I'm going to drink some paint thineer, we are doomed.

  2. And "thineer" is supposed to be "thinner." Sorry.

  3. Yes, I brought up the link and watched it. We are not yet doomed. I have faith in the future if not the electorate. MUD