Just Dodged another Storm

Between 6:45 and about 7:45 another big train of storms that started near Wichita and ran up through St Joseph, MO. Draw a line along the Kansas Turnpike and that was the area that got an average of two inches of new rain. Remember when I said it was a soggy bog in my earlier post? Yep, flash floods cross the roads in a lot of places. Barb wants to wait another 15 minutes or so before we take out daughter-in-law home to give the water a chance to abate.

Does anyone have any idea what a cubit is in case I have to start building my Ark?



  1. Believe it or not, I looked that up just a couple of weeks ago. It is about a foot and a half. That means according to Genesis, your ark should be about 450 feet long, about 75 feet wide, and about 45 feet high. Just so you know, allowing for a gentle curvature of the vessel, I figured around 77,000 square feet of lumber, not including the structure. I actually called Home Depot to get a price on 1 x 12, but they do not carry them at all here. Buy marine grade plywood instead, 75 dollars a sheet for 3/4" in my store here. You only need 2450 sheets with 5% waste, that will only cost you about $184,000 plus tax. And if you are planning on using wood for the structure, my structural engineer said to figure thirty percent of siding cost, so add another 60k or so. The waterproofing is what is going to kill you. A five gallon bucket which covers only 75 square feet costs 280 bucks, inside and oustide, too and you have to use new tools every time, they cannot be cleaned. I couldn't even find the tools I needed here, a boat specialty shop is the only place that you can get them. Try Nantucket or some gay place like that.

    Luckily, you have the room to build it, I only have a half acre lot, and my neighbors wouldn't chip in the property to build it. Jerks.

    Sometimes, I spend a lot of time wasting time, but the cost of construction, of just about anything, interests me no end. I am certainly weird like that. Hope that helps! If you need it drawn just let me know, I have some prelims already in the works.

  2. Dude, my better half says that as the second best person at making stuff up (I'm number one!) your credibility is somewhat questionable. In that I'm not really going to build a boat of any kind, I read your stuff out of curiosity. If I could turn that damn boat over and call it a barn she would love it. Oh well. MUD

  3. Two Dogs is Too funny, Actually the ark would be a piece-o-cake in comparison to caring for 2x each "holed-up" animals for the duration. I can't begin to imagine the daily feeding and cleanup. Stay safe.

  4. Last night was exciting, wasn't it? That tornado that touched down near Haysville and went through Rose Hill without touching down went just north of us and was headed straight for Bois d'Arc. (It was fun to hear the weatherman butcher the pronunciation of Bois d'Arc and get corrected.) One of Jo's best friends lives in that area and we turned off the news to pray for her family and for the quick dissipation of any tornadoes. She must be all right because she and Jo are giggling in our basement with another friend right now.