Takin' Just a Little Time Off

For some reason yesterday when I was working hard, I felt pretty good. I continued to work a little longer than I should and this morning I am feeling it "All over my Body". I think it might be worth taking a little time off the rock project. But, by the same token if I feel as much better in a hour than I do from the time I woke up I might be convinced to get another course of the rock wall finished.

Barb fixed biscuits for breakfast this morning a a few carbs are good for the soul. I have stopped having my toast buttered when we eat breakfast in a restaurant but still haven't quite got used to the fake butter on the biscuits. When I eat them, it is enough that she uses the low fat Bisquick, I want real butter on them. I guess I will just have to continue to eat what I have. Wouldn't want "Moose Manure Pie" to come to the breakfast table.

For those of you that haven't heard that story, It seems that a bunch of men went hunting in Alaska and they said that if anyone complained about the food, that person had to cook the next meal. One guy started out as the cook and after about three days he was still in charge of the grill. He went out and picked up some Moose droppings and made a pie. That evening the first guy to bite into the pie declared, "Jesus Christ, (and then had a moment of brilliance) That's the best Moose Manure Pie I have ever tasted!" So the complaint department here at Rabbit Run is a box with Moose Manure Pie written on it.

The other day, Mad(eline) wrote me a comment. I think that MAD and MUD are cute names. MUD comes from the shorthand for "Mean Uncle Denny" given to me by Carrie when I scared her and she fell down. She fell hard enough to break a few teeth and I was given the name Mean Uncle Denny. I hope it is something that I can continue to joke about and not really live up to that reputation. You never know, but then again, I have a lot of "atta boys" and it would take several "Dumb Shits" to cancel them all out.

I had no idea that a picture of an old robin taken by Barb would cause my comment section to have 8 hits. I am pretty sure that the old boy was probably about to molt or die and that made his color so strange. We have seen a lot of interesting birds this year but in most cases have been able to find them in the big Bird Book.

Thanks for stopping in for a chat. I had better go see if I can work out some of the kinks and accomplish something good.



  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I am so tickled right now - I just assumed "Riding With MUD" referred to "I better.....or my name is MUD!"

    Please tell me I am not the first to think that.

    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  2. Love the Moose Manure Pie story!