Strange Times

Somewhere in this world, there just has to be someone that can make sense of the last two Supreme Court Decisions. If a State thinks that Child Rapists should be executed, why do they get involved. I believe in MUD's mad dog rule. If what you do is so outrageous as to piss people off, and two or more people see you do it, they should just take you out behind the Jail and beat it out of you. Hurt little kids and you won't return from the learnin' you get there. Rape a child and you should die in my book.

Now, they finally read the Constitution and told the District Of Columbia that they can't pass illegal laws about guns. They actually had a law that said that you had to keep your gun disabled even if it was in your own home. Break into my home and you will just have to learn the hard way if my gun works. (Wanna' Bet) In their Majority Decision they put it in writing that obviously mental patients and Felons can't have a gun but the rest of us by the Bill of Rights have the right to remain armed. Try to take this old retired Guardsman's gun away and see if I can assert my constitutional rights.

I for one just don't understand how people can say the Government is so bad and then want the Government involved in our Health Care. The same guys that screwed up the Social Security "Lockbox" are the same guys that will give the yes or no on your health care. Sometime try to get a soldier on TriCare to explain how little they pay and how hard it is to get a doctor to take them.

Oh well, the rock retaining wall is coming along fine. 11,000 pounds of rock and 8,000 pounds of gravel moved by one old man. Barb can't lift a lot but she has done a lot to help with the gravel. Besides, she is a lot of fun even if she turns off my radio when I listen to Rush or Shawn.



  1. The Supreme Court actually got today's ruling right in my opinion. The DC case "Heller" had mde it illegal to OWN a handgun in DC. The Sumpremes overturned that, so now, crime should plummet in DC.

    The Louisiana case is another story. The Supremes tald Louisiana that they couldn't put a convicted child rapist to death. I vehemently disagree.

  2. Good Lord, how many damn words did I misspell in the above comment?

  3. My thoughts on the "child rapist" ruling .... why was there even a criminal to prosecute ... he should have never made it to the jail house.