Not This Time!

Yesterday the weather was all lined up to give us a series of nasty Tornadoes. About 4 PM the weather radar showed a big wide red line from Altus, OK (Where my blog buddy 2 dogs was) to Omaha. As the evening progressed, that line rushed storms to the north and east. We had the first blow start here about 8:15 and by 9:30 it was over. Lots of wind, a little lightening but no tornado clouds as the front passed here. There was some cyclonic action north and west of here but mostly it was just gusty winds and rains here. Just what we needed, more rain. The weatherman is predicting 20% to 40% chance of rain all this next week.

In the old days (perhaps younger days would be more appropriate) there was never any questions like w'atch y'a goin' to do today. Duh! Go to work. Now it is like the daily inquisition. Agenda hell, I might take the day off. It always happens when Barb runs out of books that she will get busy and expect me to do the same. Oh well,...

Do you have a home safe? Where do you keep your important stuff? I have a fireproof safe but it mostly is full of slides and CD's with pictures on it. I have a gun safe for my handguns. It is hidden so well that I often forget it is in there. I have the combination written down somewhere so I can get it open if I need to. I just hope I don't forget where the heck that is. A couple of my guns are in the Military Museum out at Forbes Field. I have a .38 Police special that has most of the bluing still on it and it looks almost new. It came from the State Militia as one of the weapons they bought when the Guard was Mobilized in 1940. Those guns stayed in the State safe until the early 90's when we needed the room to expand. They sold off all the pistols and some really prime machine guns. There were several Thompson .45 cal Machine Guns and a slew of "Rising Automatic Rifles" Those guns went back to the days of Bonnie and Clyde driving all across the Heartland robbing banks. Without a proper license for Automatic Weapons I wasn't even in the hunt for one of those.

One of these days I am going to work on my bucket list again. You know, that list of the things you would like to accomplish before you die. I admit that I have a lot of the things on my list done but there are probably a few things I want to do. One minor thing I want to do is get some kind of a motor home or camper and visit a few of the National parks. No, I don't want one to have forever, just borrow one or rent one for some trips. I have traveled millions of miles in America but mostly to go to or from visits with relatives. Just once I want to start out to "Go" and end "there". Yes, Barb will probably want to know what's on my agenda today.... Wait, isn't that how this discussion started. Oh Well.

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