Strange Skies Today

I am looking out the south side of the house and it looks like early morning here at 9:30. It is overcast and has sprinkled from time to time. If it clears off I will probably get in some mowing. If not, I will watch it rain from the inside.

Never did get highly motivated yesterday and accomplish much. Got one of those $12.00 haircuts and made a run to Wal*Mart. Dang, I realized that I need some breakfast food and coffee. Oh well, that's the nice thing about Topeka, there are two Wal*Marts and lots of grocery stores. (If you can get to them from here) We are in the midst of road building season and at least two of the four ways out of here is closed down to put in some new road. I think 45th and Coroco road is closed because they want to put in one of those damned roundabouts. They have had that road closed for well over a month and maybe two and when I drove by there the other day there isn't anything new, just the old stuff ripped out. I will admit that we have had a lot of rain but dang, they should have it all fixed one of these days. Perhaps when it freezes this winter they will put down some water and we'll be able to get through on the ice.

I am afraid that the hydrostatic drive on the Case tractor has finally bit the dust. I have for years abused it and pulled a mower all over this joint and it has been really a good tractor. I might spend some time trying to figure out what it needs in the way of parts and do a "in the yard" overhaul. We'll see. That cuts me down to two mowers so I'll be hauling one around for a while. Oh well.


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