What Does It All Mean?

One big question that sits on the front porch waiting for a sucker punch is not Uncle Remus's Tar Baby but the looming election. One one side we have a black candidate that the far right has painted as the most liberal Senator in Congress and who is very inexperienced. On the other side we have an old white dude that is as near and dear to a clone to Bush as can be had. Thank god we almost have the question of a Clinton in the White House almost settled.

So, what does this change mean? I listened as a bunch of you said we were going into Iraq because of Oil. Well shit oh dear, that stuff is at least three times as expensive as before the war started so that wasn't the answer. We argue about WMD's but we all know here was time to move them to anywhere else. If you think they aren't capable of doing that, how about the Iraq airplanes parked in Iran during the first war in the early 90's. If my history serves me, Iran was the "mortal" enemy of Iraq and they had fought a long protracted war. They shared when it came to opposition to us.

The economy is in shambles because of the neglect of our government that started way before Bush. We have let our corporations move their Headquarters and manufacturing jobs go overseas without any thought to the effect on the economy. We allow China to import goods at a cost we know is below wholesale. That just destroys any chance we have of maintaining our jobs.

If you want to really see what it is that is killing us, try 12,000,000 barrels of oil coming into the US each day. That is a net import of oil for dollars that just leaks out of our country without anyone in charge saying thats a bad deal for us. I think the Jeremiah Wright, the Lapel Pin and the Health Care issues are made up to keep us from looking square in the face and saying what the hell are we going to do.

Every time the world has needed us to step up and bail France out of a war we have have responded. Now it is our turn to turn our economy around and help ourselves. It won't be from SUV's that at their best get 18 MPG. It will be a concerted effort to make cars that get at least 40 MPG and darn fewer of them. It will be to open our drilling into the Alaskan wilderness and along our coasts. In fact, drill anywhere we can find oil. We need to declare war on sources of power and bring them on line. If our 104 nuclear plants needs to be 208 to get there , get started. Wind turbines, Solar cell banks with some form of storage and whatever the hell it takes, but someone needs to stand up and lead.

I don't see anyone in the current leadership race that will stand up and make these happen. In fact, I don't see anyone that will stand up and tell the people we need to change our ways. Victory Gardens, conservation and savings is the change we need to start heading the right way.

Rant over,


  1. Yes...here I am commenting on one of your political posts...the ones I told you I never read.

    Okay...sometimes I read the first few lines and if you don't make me want to scream I read on :-)

    What I find really intersting is that so many people are talking about this election.

    Not about how one candidate is better than the other or about how they will vote for so and so.

    But about what a mess we are in and how in the world will anyone help lead us out.

    I think the message is...no one can lead us out...we have to do the work ourselves.

    Drive less, spend less, save more, recycle, eat local, pay attention, be kind, stand up for what is right, provide for ourselves, keep our noses out of everyone's bussiness, help when asked, teach our kids, pet the dogs and sit on the porch in the evenings and say hi to the neighbors.

    It was a pretty good rant.

  2. Jenn, You are absolutely right but I still want a candidate that has the moral courage or leadership to stand up and say "we need to get the lead out and fix this mess!" MUD

  3. I actually enjoyed this rant too. MUD for President!