The Enemy is US!

Today on the O'Rilley program I heard a ridiculous discussion about how the Librarian Association is advocating all the books that contain things parents don't want and this is the reason for the decline in morals in our children. This all followed from the New Jersey case where 20 young girls exposed their breasts and were photographed and the pictures published

As parents we need to stand up and be responsible for what our children see, read and hear. You cannot expect our children to act responsible when we have cable TV with full nudity and simulated sex acts available for the kids to see. If the parents don't select what the kids can see when they surf the net on their computer, don't be surprised if they see it all in its nakedness.

Parents can't divorce their responsibility to teach morals to the children to our schools. In the era of political correctness teachers can't possibly discuss things in the frankness and detail our children need to hear. If you wonder what your kids are thinking, doing and planning, it is your job to TALK to them.

Was I a perfect parent? Hell no, but I sure as heck won't say that the schools failed me or anyone else.



  1. That's what I'm talking about.......

    personal responsibility seems to be a dirty word (OK, two dirty words) in today's society. I had to quit reading the "mommy blogs" because I am appalled at what is passing for parenting in some quarters.

    I sit my hands alot, otherwise I'd be going off like a cheap bottle rocket.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife