What's for Dinner?

Tonight as Barb and I sat together in the kitchen eating dinner, I remembered a "Ruth Chris's" Steak House radio ad that had played while I was fixing out supper. They have a two person special that will feed two people for the Special Price of $89.00. I don't know about you, but that's just not the way we eat.

For example tonight, I had linguine (with Ragu's Garlic Alfredo Sauce) with a grilled chicken breast sliced into the sauce. The sides were about a half a package of California Blend Microwaved and one Burpless Cucumber with about a tablespoon of Italian dressing and salt and pepper. We had enough food to feed at least one more person (Two if they ate like Barb) and the whole meal didn't cost $10.00. In fact if I had used the generic Linguine it would have cost closer to $5.00 but I used a special egg noodle linguine I bought at the specialty store when I bought some olives. Yes they were stuffed with cheese and closer to $10.00 a pound.

We had food that was from Arkansas (Chicken), California (Vegs), Texas (Cucumber) and New York City (OK, that was probably where the Dressing headquarters is). All cooked right here in the Heartland. I think we are the luckiest people on the planet to have a system that brings food to us in such quality for the price.

By the way, I don't like Barry Obama but I refuse to make up any lies or tell more of them. The internet lie today said he was going to be sworn in using a Koran. On one of the talk radio programs someone said he was like Hitler building a following. Folks, he is plainly just a US Senator running for the office of the President. Vote for him or not as you see fit but at least let him win or lose on the strength of his character not a pack of stupid made up lies. I don't like him but I sure as heck don't hate him. So there!



  1. I think that many of the political lies out there - on both sides - may be spread by their own party. Once they're found out to be lies, it can be said that the other side is making crap up out of desperation. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the lies.

  2. I don't think we spent as much as $89 on the most expensive meal we've eaten out. This is why we rarely eat out with our whole family.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your last paragraph. I'm so sick of all that garbage. I almost wrote a lengthy ranting post about it a while back after getting an email with a link to a YouTube video about Obama. At least I think it was almost. I don't think I ever got around to it. I did rant a good bit to the person who sent it to me and the entire list (homeschool group) they sent it to. BTW, I wonder if anyone else has trouble not typing his name O'Bama. I know it's not Irish, but I almost type it that way every time.

  3. FOOD PORN!!!!!! Ten bucks for groceries, great job. I do like Ruth's Chris a bunch, but Mortons is my favorite steakhouse. The Morton's in San Antonio at the Riverwalk is where Bean and I ate the night that I proposed. And the one thing that I do not even try to save money on is food. Bean and I can spend five hundred dollars a week on groceries when I'm cooking.

    In the future, sir, don't screw up food porn posts with talk about bad things like politics. I do hate Barry and his followers, but I also survived when the party of the tit held both the Congress and the Presidency. I will survive this one too.

  4. Well Said Two-Dogs.
    This will come as no surprise to MUD but my fave steak come from the Basque restaurant call The Star Hotel.

  5. There ought to be a limit on how much food you get at a place like the Star in Elko. Even their lunch menu just feeds you like you are a working hand on a ranch. That was the first place I ever ate lamb chops. Mighty good eats. If you ever pass by Elko on the Interstate stop downtown and look for the STAR for a meal like no other. I eat there at least once every visit. MUD