Retaining Wall Project

This is the rock that Barb picked out to build a retaining wall with. It was $90.00 a ton and this pallet was over 3,000 lbs. Each rock probably weighs 100 to 150 lbs. The problem is to build a base and then build the wall.

This is the back deck and it is over five feet off the ground and at the far end of the pation about four feet off the ground. Not what Barb wanted so...

We dug a footing and stacked rock. Once te wall was built we started the fill with gravel from the local quarry. The 53 Chevy will haul a little over 1000 lbs without even a strain. I think I finally wound up with over 10 truckloads.

You can see the retaining wall taking shape along the bottom of the picture. It was another course of 6 in rock higher when we got it finished.

This is MUD wishing this project was finished. After getting the last of four loads of gravel today we came inside. A nap and an Aleve do wonders for old guys. Yes, I did use the furniture dolly to move the rocks from the pallets to the retaining wall.


  1. "Working," yet still sitting on your butt.

    This looks like one of those projects that keeps getting bigger and bigger as you go along.

    Barb tells Denny, "Sweetie, that looks so good we need to take it on down to the next tree and maybe add a little gazebo. It will only take seven more pallets of rubble. And the steps don't match, now. 'We' will have to rake a path and fill it in with flagstone. Hey, look, flagstone is only $80.00 a ton!"

    "Oh, and when the boy has grandbabies, they will need a swingset, we need to sand in a good place for that and make a walk to it, too!"

    It does look really good, that is the problem with competence, it breeds more tasks for the competent, but you know that the above conversation is going to take place, if it hasn't already.

  2. That looks like such a fun project! And so potentially painful. Might I recommend a trip to the pharmacy for some Tiger Balm? It works wonders on my Hunny's back after a full day of lifting 4x8 panels of cement board on our siding project.

  3. They still make that stuff? In Junior High, the fun trick was to put that stuff in a an athletic supporter and things would heat up in short order. Oh to be young again.


  4. Lookin' good! I love rock walls and I can see this project going just as Two Dogs has said. Barb reads this blog, right? Well, I'm sure she's thought of it already and doesn't need anyone to suggest it to her:o)

    I've never heard of Tiger Balm, but I can imagine what it must be. Dh has some stories about that little locker room trick. Nowadays that would be considered hazing and could get you in big trouble. Why, you don't even dare joke about such things for fear it could be considered an honest to goodness threat. "Threats" are also hazing. And if word of such "threats" get out, you may just see your kids' school on the news and your entire town villified as a bunch of barbaric rednecks. Could we get a little balance here? Well, that's my rant for the day.

  5. Anonymous12:43 PM

    How do you get all that major work done, read blogs, comment on blogs, write your blog, tule around town and take pictures..?!?!? Dang! You even fit naps in here and there. What are you putting on your Wheaties?

  6. Wheaties hell, its power naps that fuel my rocket. Actually it is being retired and not having to work a 40 hour week any more. MUD

  7. You know full well that you work a full 40. It's just different because you're not getting paid.

  8. Hey MUD. come on by and we'll talk projects here on our "Gods Little Acre". I'll hire you in a NY minute. I'll even buy the Aleve, and let you grill to your hearts content. Seriously it looks great.

  9. Anonymous5:15 AM

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