US Citizen's Rights!

Hello! Hello! does anyone have any idea what it cost the United States to have the rights we have? How many dollars and lives did we spend to bestow our rights on the citizens? Free speech, right to remain silent, right to assemble, right to redress grievances in the court, Habeas Corpus. Then there are the Bill of Rights our founders addressed when they realized the inadequacies in the Constitution.

How come so many people want to bestow these rights on citizens of other countries and especially to those undeclared warriors in Gitmo? That is the name for Guantanamo, which is the base in Cuba. Soldiers have rights by the Geneva Convention, but it sure as hell says you can't strap on bombs and blow up civilians so we all know they don't think that it applies to them. I know it feels right for us to have rights and Freedoms but don't take those feelings to the rest of the world. Those people haven't got the same rights as we do. If they want the same rights, let them bleed for their country and obtain them the hard way.

In fact, look no further north than Canada to see horrible cases of the right of free speech trampled over because they think that by living next door to us they will somehow have those rights by association, geographic location or osmosis. One of the columns I read is always want us to write to some foreign government to get someone out of hot water because he used our "rights" as a guide and got busted.

OK, enough political stuff. When those people that fight for our rights finally say screw this, you go defend your own dam rights, don't look for me to come to your aid.



  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Hmmmmmm... I'm a wonderin' iffin' ya read sumpthin' I did from the other veiw point of view. LOL! Some people just don't realize the price for freedom and don't see the need to protect it.

  2. Anonymous9:15 PM

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